Photo: J. Bergen, 2020


Program Officer, Canada Council for the Arts, since 2023

Co-Director and Curator, of-the-now, Victoria, BC, since 2020

Newsletter Editor, CARFAC SASK, Regina, SK, since 2017

Board Member, Saskatchewan Arts Alliance, Regina, SK, since 2022

Assistant Preparator, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK, since 2019


Director and Curator, Godfrey Dean Art Gallery, Yorkton, SK, 2020-2024

Livestream Producer, Poppy@88, global music performance for Terry Riley, MIT, 2023

Accessibility transcription editor, LOMA, London, ON, 2023

Livestream Producer, Intersection Festival, Toronto, 2022

Consultant, with Jennifer Waring (ON), Zula Presents, Hamilton, 2022

Producer, Videographer, Linda Catlin Smith recording project, of-the-now, Victoria, 2022

Video Technician, for “Diptychs UTC -7/UTC -4” by Johanna Householder and Judith Price, 2022

Program Officer, Canada Council for the Arts, 2021 (6-month contract)

Sound Tech and Livestream Producer, CONTAQT on Disco 3000, Toronto/Palm Spring, 2021

Peer Reviewer, SK Arts, 2021

Sound Technician, CONTAQT online concert, 2021

Video producer, CNMN Forum 2021

Producer, of-the-now: Decolonial Imaginings, 2020

Moderator, Canadian New Music Network: Policy and Funding Conversation, 2020

Project Leader, TRACE CA/NL Artist Development Travel, Den Bosch and Amsterdam, 2019

Public Engagement Committee, Participatory Creative Music Hub (CNMN), 2019

Local Producer, Canadian New Music Network Forum 2021, 2019-2021

Panel Chair, Canadian New Music Network Conversations 2019, Winnipeg, 2019

Outreach Project Coordinator, TRACE CA/NL, 2019

Theatre Technician, sound and lighting designer, Kenossee Players, Kenosee, 2019

Administrative Consultant, TRACE Canada Netherlands, 2018-2019

Managing Director, Holophon Audio Arts, Regina, 2017-2019

Vice Chair, Board of Directors, Neutral Ground Artist-Run Centre, Regina, 2017-2018

Program Officer, Engage and Sustain, Canada Council for the Arts, Ottawa, 2017 (2-week contract)

Gallery Preparator (casual), Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina, 2017-18

Programming Jury Member, Neutral Ground Artist Run Centre, Regina, 2017

Program Officer, Music Section, Canada Council for the Arts, Ottawa, 2012-17

Programmer/technician for media artist Ellen Moffat, Saskatoon, 2014-present

Judge, JUNO Awards – Classical Vocal Music category, Ottawa, 2013

Programmer, Plexure Redux by John Oswald (vinyl/DVD), Toronto, 2012

Managing Director, Holophon Audio Arts, Regina, 2011-12

Curator and project coordinator, Error Benders, for Holophon Audio Arts, 2011

AV Technician, Fire and the Flood by Jeff Nye, Art Gallery of Regina, 2011

Audio Technician, Ballet by Szuper Gallery, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, 2011

Audio Technician, Storyteller’s Festival, Sakewewak Artist Collective, Regina, 2011

Assistant Preparator (casual), Art Gallery of Regina, 2009-11

Recording Engineer, Graphic Designer, Catchment, by Amy Horvey, Montreal, 2010

Technical Director (contract), Queer City Cinema Festival, Regina, 2010

Graphic designer, Sounding Landscapes, Holophon Audio Arts, University of Regina, 2010

Graphic designer and MC, Art’s Birthday, Neutral Ground, Regina, 2010

Technician, Production Assistant, Ice & Fire Carnival, New Dance Horizons, Regina, 2010

Audio Technician, Close Strangers, Distant Relations, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, 2009

Audio Technician, PJ Perry Live, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, 2009

Audio Technician, For Emily exhibition, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, 2009

Audio Technician, performer, Extras, by Szuper Gallery (UK), Curtain Razors, Regina, 2008

Recording and audio engineer, Quantal Strife Sound, Open Space, Victoria, 2008

Assistant Preparator (casual), Dunlop Art Gallery, 2009-2012

Assistant Preparator (casual), MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, 2009-12

Administrative Assistant, Art Gallery of Regina, 2009

Technician, Open Space Arts Society, Victoria, 2007-08

Recording and Audio Technician, Gamelan Madu Sari, Open Space Arts Society, Victoria, 2007

Computer Programmer, University of Victoria Chorus, School of Music, Victoria, 2007