Exhibitions and Premieres

David Stonhouse looks at Avoir à rêvêr en boite, part of the virtual group exhibition Échos, BAM, Saskatoon Fall 2020

2022. “Episode 2021”, with Judith Price and Johanna Householder, Dunlop Art Gallery, SK/BC/ON

2021. Moving Heart, sound installation, with Ashley Johnson and Karlie King, SCC, Saskatoon

2020. To Dream in a Box, solo exhibition, Godfrey Dean Art Gallery, D. Stein, curator, Yorkton

2020. Échos, Conseil culturel fransaskois exposition virtuelle, Mentorat et visibilité, BAM, Saskatoon

2020. Conseil culturel fransaskois exposition Mentorat et visibilité, BAM, Saskatoon

2019. Finding Folk for Music, audio installation at Creation Cube, RPL, Regina

2018. Camping and Tenting, interactive video projection, Nuit Blanche Regina

2018. Very Good Painters, group exhibition curated by Edith Skeard, Hague Gallery, Regina

2018. Pragmatopia, music for film by Pixie Cram, Premiere at Echo Park Film Centre, Los Angeles

2017. All the Horses, interactive sound installation, AGSM Canada Day at the Riverbank, Brandon

2016. Then Letters Pop Out from a Background (13’), piano and speaking voice
           Premiere: Strata New Music, Saskatoon 2016; Repeat: U.Montana 2017

2015. Snow on the Ground, interactive video and sound composition, Construct, Ottawa

2015. Snow on the Ground, interactive video and sound composition, Maker Faire Ottawa

2015. Liquid Trust (with Szuper Gallery), ambient soundtrack, Bonobo, GRAD Gallery, London, UK

2015. Tines Quartet (8’) amplified brass with drone, 7 Drum Solo (12’) field drum and processing
           Premiere: Art Now Series, Lethbridge

2015. Harpsichord Study No.2 (15’), harpsichord and processing, Crossing Boundaries, Lethbridge

2014. Joan, music and sound for film by Pixie Cram, Premieres, 2015/16: Ottawa, Regina

2014. All the Horses, sound installation, Saskatoon International Children’s Festival

2013. Supertranspositions (8’) disclavier piano and live electronics
           Premiere: Strata New Music, Saskatoon

2013. The Old Cause (6’ revised) chamber ensemble, at Surround Sound, Strata Festival, Saskatoon
           SSO Chamber musicians, Saskatoon

2013. PLAY (with Kathleen Irwin), sound, video, and theatre installation, Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina

2012. Free Tango Lessons Wednesdays (3’) string quartet
           Premiere/Recording: Quatuor Bozzini, Montreal

2012. Reason in History (7’) piano and drum machine
           Premiere: Paul Suchan, Sask New Music, Saskatoon 2012

2012. View-Masters, painted slides and prints, The Analog Gallery, Regina

2011. Seasonal Waves (with Ellen Moffat), audio installation, +15 Soundscape, Calgary

2011. Drawings, The End (group show), Rob Bos Art Projects, Regina

2011. Toys Gone Rogue (group show), interactive sound installation, Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina

2011. Prairie Postmodern (9’), music for Access 7 public television program, Regina

2011. All the Horses, interactive sound installation, Prairie Scene, Artengine, Ottawa

2010. People Deserving Something (10’) brass quintet
           Premiere/Recording: Amy Horvey, Catchment, Montreal

2010. Winter Music, media installation with Ramses Calderon, Regina Ice & Fire Carnival, Regina

2010. Compositions, graphic score and performance exhibition, Contrary Projects, Regina

2010. Parliament Music (12’) lamellophones and processing.
           Premiere: Sounding Landscapes, Regina

2010. MOO (collaboration with Ellen Moffat), interactive sound installation, Agribition, Regina

2009. Samenwerking Station (with Leeane Berger), sound/video installation, Z-Axis, Saskatoon

2009. Overture to the Queen of the Music Boxes (8’) music boxes and processing
           Premiere: Stratford Summer Music. Repeat: NDH Blueprint Series, 2010, Regina
           Recorded: Interview (CD/Digital), Amy Horvey, 2009

2008. The Old Cause (6’) chamber ensemble. Premiere: De Ereprijs, Netherlands

2008. Tracing Webern, overhead projector transparency installation, Slide Room Gallery, Victoria

2007. Reason in History (7’) piano and drum machine. Premiere: Susu Robin, Sonic Lab, Victoria

2007. Left of Center, music for choreography by Robin Poitras) (9’), Ice and Fire Carnival, Regina

2006. Sonagli (7’) string quartet, Quatuor Bozzini. Premiere: Composer’s Kitchen, Montreal

2000. Rintoric No. 1 (1’56), electronic, part of Revolutions compilation, Video Vérité, Saskatoon